Biogas Upgrading Plant at China Agricultural University Fuels NGVs

| Canada, Burnaby BC and China, Beijing

Biogas upgrading company Greenlane Biogas has partnered with China Agricultural University (CAU) to install a biogas upgrading system at CAU’s National RNG Demonstration Park in Zhuozhou to facilitate research in the generation of renewable natural gas (RNG) — biomethane. China’s most prestigious agricultural university will use Greenlane’s water scrubbing based biogas upgrading solution to test and optimize biogas yields of various agricultural organic wastes generated from a variety of anaerobic digesters.

The plant will convert biogas to RNG at a rate of 80 cubic metres per hour. The resulting RNG is compliant with China’s standards for natural gas vehicles (NGV) and is being piped to a compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling station onsite to serve Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) from neighbouring towns.

The renewable natural gas demonstration facility was approved by the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture in 2010 and opened in 2013 as a major step toward strengthening the country’s industrial biogas technology roadmap through research and development.

“We are very excited to have installed a Greenlane Biogas plant at our National RNG Demonstration Park,” said Mr. Zhu Wanbin, the Deputy Professor at China Agricultural University. “Our objective is to demonstrate an effective process to manage agricultural waste by converting it into RNG and not burning it which contributes to air pollution.”

Brent Jaklin, Managing Director for Greenlane Biogas North America added, “This is the first Greenlane Biogas upgrading plant in operation in China, which we see as a growing market for the biogas upgrading business. We are proud to be working with China Agricultural University to demonstrate how agricultural waste can have value as a clean source of energy.”

Greenlane Biogas offers upgrading systems in five standard modular units to produce RNG of the highest quality. These units can also be combined to meet greater capacity requirements. Based on an environmentally friendly process that uses water and no chemicals to remove impurities from biogas, the high efficiency upgrading system produces RNG with purity greater than 98%.

(Source: Greenlane Biogas)

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