Biogas Upgrading Facility in UK Uses Swedish Technology

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Purac Puregas Biogras Upgrade Facility Installation - Portsdown HillPurac Puregas, a Kalmar, Sweden-based company delivering biogas upgrading solutions, has delivered and installed a transportable CApure Biogas Upgrading Plant for a private company in Wiltshire County, England. The plant was fully assembled and rigorously tested in their manufacturing facility prior to shipment, making installation and commissioning a speedy matter.

The equipment was collected by freight forwarders on Monday 17th August, and unloaded and positioned on Friday 21st August. The commissioning team arrived to begin the mechanical and electrical hook-up on Monday thereafter. “Precision engineering, attention to detail in site preparation and professional project execution meant the plant was unloaded and positioned in less than a day,” said Phil Bodsworth, Contracts Director for Intelect Engineering Ltd, appointed by Purac Puregas to carry out the electrical and mechanical installation.

SGN biomethane injection facility concept for Portsdown Hill

SGN’s Portsdown Hill facility has capacity to handle multiple deliveries of biogas for upgrading. (Image: SGN)

The plant in Wiltshire will upgrade up to 700Nm3/h of raw biogas from the anaerobic digestion of agricultural by-products to UK gas grid specification, producing enough energy to heat around 3,500 homes or to fuel CNG vehicles. The gas will be transported to gas distributor SGN’s facility at Portsdown Hill, Hampshire, which has been designed to provide a centralised injection and blending facility, thereby improving commercial viability for SGN and the increasing number of UK biogas producers.

From there, Gas Alliance will sell CNG to their natural gas fleet customers. Gas Alliance, a group of UK independent companies that bring together the separate expertise in Natural Gas and Biomethane infrastructure and re-fuelling, have supplied CNG fuelling infrastructure to bus operators in cities like Reading and Sunderland where the busses run on Biomethane – transferred via green gas certificates.

Purac Puregas says the CApure process recovers over 99.9% of the biomethane present in the raw biogas, by chemically adsorbing the CO2. The biomethane can be of high enough calorific value to be directly injected into the natural gas grid without the need to enrich with propane saving significant costs.
Protecting our Environment

CApure technology achieves extremely high methane recovery, reducing methane slip to below 0.1%. There is no hidden additional cost or energy requirement associated with treating the tail gas and harmful emissions to the environment are avoided. The long life, biodegradable organic solvents used in the CApure process are part of a closed loop system, minimising water consumption.

(Source: Purac Puregas)

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