Bioenergy Project Approved in Wisconsin

| USA, Madison WI
Dairy Cows

(Source: VFF)

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) approved a conditional $15 million ‘Focus on Energy’ grant to BC Organics, LLC for a bioenergy system in Brown County. The system will produce renewable natural gas from dairy farm manure and other waste, for use as transportation fuel or heat generation.

The project will reduce the need to landspread raw manure, protect sensitive groundwater and surface waters in northeastern Wisconsin, and provide positive economic benefits to participating farms. BC Organics must obtain all of the necessary state and local regulatory approvals before construction may begin.

The project’s proposed location is northeast of Holland, near Green Bay, co-located with a proposed landfill owned by Brown County. It has commitments from nine Wisconsin farms with over 22,000 animal units, with the capability to expand to include additional farms in the future. The facility is expected to begin operations by January 1, 2019.

Renewable Energy Production

The project involves the construction of multiple anaerobic digesters with capability to produce renewable natural gas (RNG) from manure and food waste, and eventually landfill gas. The estimated energy output of 5.7 million therms is equivalent to the home heating needs for 7,600 Wisconsin homes. The RNG will be injected into the interstate natural gas pipeline system for use as a heating and transportation fuel.

BC Organics provides an innovative approach that could provide a model for eliminating the need to spread raw manure on the land and provides a framework that could be replicated in other parts of the state to improve environmental outcomes for the livestock industry.

Source: Public Service Commission of Wisconsin

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