Bibendum Berlin Produces Awards for Bi-Fuel VW Passat

| Germany, Berlin | Source: erdgas-mobil

Biomethane-powered VW Passat TSI EcoFuel

This year’s Challenge Bibendum, the 11th in it’s Michellin-sponsored history, has commenced in Berlin, where 36 vehicles lined up for the inter-city rally. Amongst them was the VW Passat, powered by biomethane, which achieved excellence in its Internal Combustion Engine (Production) class with awards for “Fuel Efficiency”, “Well-to-Wheel CO2 Emissions” and “Local Emissions”. German NGV association erdgas-mobil reports the bi-fuel Passat consumed 2.8 kilograms over 100 kms on the roads, which corresponds to CO2 emissions of just 77 g/km.

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