Beverly Hills City Opens Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Station, Deploys 12 CNG Vehicles

| USA, Beverly Hills CA

Beverly Hills LogoThe Californian City of Beverly Hills’ new compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station is now open, serving the City’s growing fleet of CNG vehicles, including four new trash trucks. The USD 1.2 million project will save the City $250,000 each year in estimated fuel costs, and pay back the City’s investment in five to six years, depending on the price of diesel fuel.

In the past three years, the City of Beverly Hills has purchased, or converted to CNG, six trash trucks, four street sweepers, a Honda Civic Sedan, and a truck for cleaning municipal sewage pipes.

The fueling stations allows for both fast and slow refueling. Fast refueling takes the same time as an ordinary gas station. Slow refueling is an overnight process, but ultimately will pump more fuel in the tanks because there is time to compress the gas further.

The CNG station also will allow Beverly Hills to enter into a reciprocal fueling arrangement with other public agencies. This will give Beverly Hills more flexibility by having access to multiple locations for refueling.

(This article compiled using information from a City of Beverly press release)

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