Bergen Viking Sails with 100% LNG Fuel

| Norway, Bergen
Bergen Viking

Bergen Viking (Image: Rolls-Royce)

Bergen Viking, a vessel of the Bergen Tankers AS fleet, has left the shipyard and re-entered service for Statoil at the 17th of June 2015, with propulsion now provided exclusively by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), the cleanest of fossil fuels.

The conversion to LNG propulsion has been successful and the vessels engine configuration is now gas-electric after replacement of four diesel generators with two larger gas generators. The two LNG tanks are located on the tanker deck and does not affect the vessel’s cargo capacity. Gas engines and accompanying systems are from Rolls-Royce.

Bergen Tankers AS explains there will be “a drastic reduction of harmful emissions to air. For SOX the reduction is 100% and for NOX 90-95%.”

The 95 meter long chemical and product tanker is on long-term contract with Statoil and will contribute to a cleaner environment in its trading area at the Norwegian coast.

(Source: Bergen Tankers AS)

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