Belarus to Develop Natural Gas Fuel for Transportation Market

| Russia, St. Petersburg
Beltransgaz CNG station

CNG filling station No.1, Brest, Republic of Belarus

In St. Petersburg, Director General of “Gazprom gas fuel” Mikhail Likhachev and CEO of Beltransgaz Vladimir Mayorov have signed a road map for the development of natural gas motor fuel market of the Republic of Belarus. This project aims to develop production, distribution and refueling infrastructure for compressed and liquefied natural gas, as well as the creation of international corridors for transport, using natural gas as a vehicle fuel.

The Roadmap plan also provides for active cooperation with the authorities on the introduction of incentive mechanisms for the purchase of natural gas fueled vehicles. Thus, the construction of gas fueling infrastructure will be synchronized with an acquisition program for NGVs.

“The implementation of infrastructure projects on the territory of the Republic of Belarus is a part of the development strategy of the company’s business in foreign markets,” said Mikhail Likhachev.

“Increased use of natural gas in transport will boost energy and environmental security of the country and will make a significant contribution to improving the competitiveness of the economy by reducing fuel costs,” said Vladimir Mayorov.

JSC Beltransgaz is a 100 percent subsidiary of OAO Gazprom. The company provides uninterrupted gas supply to consumers in the Republic of Belarus. Through pipelines passing through the territory of the republic as a transit deliveries of Russian natural gas to the Kaliningrad region of Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Poland. Under the authority of the company is 27 CNG filling stations (CNG).

(Source: Gazprom)

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