Bajaj Introduces Compact 4-Wheeler With CNG Option

| India, New Delhi | Source: Times of India

Bajaj RE60 - optional CNG

It’s small, compact, cuboid, low-powered, low-cost, eco-friendly and functional. It’s Bajaj Auto Ltd’s first foray outside of its traditional motorbike and rickshaw market into a four-wheeler segment. The Bajaj RE60 was introduced at a news conference in New Delhi, ahead of the Delhi AutoExpo. Bajaj’s managing director Rajiv Bajaj said the RE60 would create a new market in the subcontinent when it goes on sale around the middle of the year. One of the three options available will be a compressed natural gas (CNG) model.

The Bajaj RE60 weighs in at a mere 880 pounds (400 kgs), utilizing a monocoque metal-polymer hybrid structure to limit weight. A 200 cc water-cooled, fuel-injected DTSi engine delivers 20hp and a top speed of 43 mph (70 kph).

Measuring 2752mm long, 1312mm wide and 1650mm tall, the vehicle will be one of the smallest four-seaters in the world. With rear seats folded down the vehicle provides about 14.1 cubic feet storage space.

Bajaj’s management team suggests the vehicle, which they say is not a car but in a segment of its own, will reportedly find its main market as an upgrade for traditional three-wheeler operators, both in India and in overseas markets where rickshaws are currently sold, such as in Sri Lanka.

No price has been disclosed by Bajaj but it is suggested the price may be similar to that of some rickshaw models.

The compact vehicle had its genesis four years ago in a partnership with the Renault-Nissan Alliance; subsequent development appears to have been driven solely by Bajaj.

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