Aspro Launches Niche CNG Compressor

| Argentina, Buenos Aires

Aspro CNG Compressor APE 10 70Argentine CNG compressor manufacturer Aspro has launched a new product line, known as APE 10 70 and described as ideal for space-constrained locations often encountered by builders of daughter stations. Furthermore, the new model is designed to reduce the cost of installation works by up to 45 percent.

Aspro has designed the product for a market niche where it has not be present thus far, claiming the APE 10 70 has competitive advantage in areas where there is demand for CNG but no network for supply.

It has in-built storage, control panel, and meter bridge in the equipment and its innovative anti-explosive cabin.

In addition, AS-120-G dispensers are quickly connected to the APE 70 equipment, allowing for easy and fast connectivity by simulating the “plug and play” concept thus reducing steps in the configuration and start-up. This equipment is designed for smaller stations where a bunker is not possible to be built.


  • APE 70 operating range: Aspiration 1,5 to 60 Bar
  • Capacity 900 Nm3/h

Among the main features, APE 70 has an automatic fire protection system with sensors in doors and pneumatic locks, and an automatic venting system.

(Source: Aspro)

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