Aspro Launches Low-Flow Compact CNG Compressor

| Argentina, Buenos Aires

Aspro LF50 CNG CompressorAspro, recently acquired by Inverlat investor Group, has introduced a new low flow compressor family member — the ASPRO LF50 Compressor line for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) — which meets operating needs for areas that have low gas pressure. Its compact design, with reduced dimensions, allows for an easy and economic transport, handling, installation and maintenance.

Compac and Economic

Aspro says the compressor has been designed with the most advanced engineering, achieving a smaller size and cost but also a greater efficiency.

“The LF-50 equipment is the ideal solution for supplying captive fleets, that is, it refers not only to the possibility of supplying a conventional service station but also to a fleet of vehicles belonging to a particular organization”, said Aspro. As proof of the need for this type of equipment, the company announced that it has already made the first sale and dispatched a compressor of this line last January to a customer in Thailand.

Technical Characteristics

  • Suction range 0.9 to 45 Bar. Max flow rate: 500 Nm3 / h.
  • Stroke: 50 mm
  • Max Power: 45Kw @ 1800 rpm (50Hz / 60Hz).
  • Electrical board: built-in with color display.
  • Electric motor (APE)
  • Belt drive. Air cooling / ventilation by lubrication system.
  • Stainless steel protection booth.

Weights and Measures

  • Width: 1500mm
  • Height: 1450mm
  • Depth: 1500mm
  • Weight: 2000kg (approximately)

Aspro is an NGV Global Sponsor Member.

(Source: Aspro)

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