Aspro Begins New Journey with Inverlat

| Argentina, Buenos Aires
Aspro APE70 CNG Compressor

Aspro APE70 CNG Compressor

Latin American investment company Inverlat, already the owner of a diverse energy and retail portfolio, has acquired 53% of Aspro, a global Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) compressor manufacturer based in Argentina, which recently sold it’s 5,000th CNG compressor. 

The Inverlat Group’s intention, Aspro says, is to strengthen the position and value of the brand in the energy market by assuming a leading role in the compressed natural gas (CNG) segment.

Furthermore, it plans to extend its targets in the oil and gas sector (a division it launched one year ago), ‘developing an innovative growth plan based on new investments.’

Apspro will continue to be headquartered in Tigre, in the city of Buenos Aires.

Aspro is a corporate sponsor of NGV Global.



(Source: Aspro)

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