Arkansas Fleets Lease Ryder Natural Gas Vehicles

| USA, Miami FL

Ryder_CNGRyder System, Inc., North American logistics and commercial fleet manager, has expanded its natural gas vehicle (NGV) offering into Arkansas for the first time with two customers; Alpha Packaging, Inc. and Boyd Metals Transportation LLC. The CNG vehicles for both Alpha Packaging and Boyd Metals Transportation will be maintained by Ryder at its Fort Smith, Ark. service facility, which is being engineered to meet the unique compliance requirements for natural gas.

Ryder has begun to deploy natural gas vehicles into the fleets of Ryder customers in Arizona, California, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Texas, Utah, and Quebec, Canada. Alpha Packaging and Boyd Metals Transportation are both current Ryder full service lease customers. Through a full service lease, Ryder acquires vehicles according to the customer’s specifications and provides financing, maintenance, and fleet support services. It also manages vehicle disposal to protect customers from residual risk.

Alpha Packaging, Inc. has signed a full service lease agreement for seven compressed natural gas (CNG) tractors. The CNG vehicles will replace current Ryder leased diesel powered vehicles to support Alpha Packaging’s sustainability initiatives. Alpha Packaging, the largest independently owned corrugated box manufacturing company in Arkansas, will use the CNG vehicles to support its deliveries to all areas within 300 miles of its Greenwood, Ark. manufacturing facility. Alpha’s new Ryder CNG fleet is ergonomically friendly for the drivers and the new 12 liter engines will have the power to handle the Arkansas terrain.

“Even with the recent drop in diesel fuel prices, the stability of natural gas fuel costs, along with the environmental benefits of natural gas vehicle technology, bring significant value to our fleet operation,” said Alpha Packaging President, Mike Stec. “Leasing natural gas trucks from Ryder helps us with our long-term transportation needs and aligns with our efforts to be a responsible, sustainable company.”

To support the new CNG fleet, Alpha Packaging is building an on-site natural gas fuel station at its location, allowing its drivers to conveniently fill the trucks overnight in order to gain full-range tank capacity and improve productivity during the day when they need to make deliveries.

Boyd Metals Transportation LLC has also signed a full service lease agreement for seven CNG tractors. The CNG vehicles will replace current Ryder leased diesel powered vehicles in Boyd Metals Transportation’s delivery fleet. The new CNG delivery fleet will be used to deliver Boyd Metals’ extensive inventory of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and fiberglass products in a wide range of shapes and sizes from the company’s Fort Smith, Ark. warehouse.

Ryder is a leader in natural gas vehicles solutions for the commercial transportation industry, with more than 30 million miles of experience, 17 NGV maintenance facilities, and more than 2,200 NGV trained technicians. The Company operates Liquefied to Compressed Natural Gas (LCNG) fuel stations at its Fontana and Orange, Calif., service locations.


(Source: Ryder System, Inc.)

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