Ariel CNG Compressors


ariel logoAriel Corporation was founded in 1966 and is now the world’s largest manufacturer of separable reciprocating gas compressors with more than 50,000 units shipped around the world. Our compressors are utilized by the global energy industry to extract, process, transport, store, and distribute natural gas from the wellhead to the end-user. As a world-class manufacturer, Ariel sets the industry standard through expert manufacturing and design, industry-leading research and development, and unmatched worldwide customer support.

ariel_cngAriel’s CNG compressors are derived from the same designs used in our field gas, process, and transmission services, and are intended to run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This combination of advanced design and industry experience makes the Ariel compressor one of the most robust compressors in the CNG market.

Ariel compressors are “Buy American” compliant; every Ariel compressor is assembled in the Mount Vernon, Ohio using castings from American foundries and precision components machined at Ariel facilities.

Maximum Efficiency
A choice of stroke lengths allows Ariel compressors to be operated at the rated RPM of the driver to maximize efficiency, reduce maintenance, and lower energy costs.

Large Pressure Range
Many sizes of double-acting and single-acting cylinders give Ariel the ability to operate efficiently with suction pressures ranging from a slight vacuum to more than 750 psi. Normally configured in two to five stages, Ariel CNG compressors are used in refueling services up to 4,500+ psi.

Large Coverage Range
Typically, Ariel compressors are used in CNG services flowing from 125 (200) to 1,250 SCFM. Ariel compressors are currently running in CNG applications from 50 bhp to more than 1,200 bhp.

Low Maintenance
High-pressure, forged steel cylinders with ion-nitride hardened bores and piston rods, combined with PEEK high-pressure piston rings result in less maintenance and efficient, long-term operation.

Smooth, Quiet Operation
A horizontal, balanced-opposed compressor design with a fully enclosed auxiliary drive assures a quiet, virtually vibration-free operation.

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