Argos and Silvi Acquire CNG-Powered Mixer Trucks for US Operations

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McNeilus Argos mixer

McNeilus Bridgemaster ready-mix for Argos USA

McNeilus Companies, Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation company, has sold 40 McNeilus® Bridgemaster® ready-mix trucks to Argos USA, a cement and concrete production company based in Houston, Texas, part of Colombia’s Cementos Argos S.A. The vehicles feature McNeilus’ next generation (NGEN) compressed natural gas (CNG) configuration that is engineered and fully tested at the McNeilus campus. The vehicles will be delivered beginning this spring.

“These 40 McNeilus Bridgemaster trucks are the first-ever CNG trucks purchased by Argos worldwide, and the purchase reflects our management team’s commitment to go green,” said Daryl Mizell, Argos USA sourcing manager.

Twenty of the vehicles are bound for Argos operations in Houston, and the remaining 20 will be delivered to facilities just outside of Dallas.  Argos is constructing dedicated fueling stations – each with 25 fill posts – at both locations. The trucks will plug in at the end of each shift and time-fill overnight.

“Argos USA carries an excellent reputation for high-quality cement and concrete products and services, and we’re thrilled to be chosen to engineer and build their first-ever CNG mixer trucks,” said Brad Nelson, Oshkosh Corporation senior vice president and president of the Commercial business segment. “We’ve engineered and installed CNG power on more than 8,000 trucks in the field, and that experience translates to alternative-fuel systems that work hard for our customers.”

The identical mixer vehicles are a five-axle configuration and feature a 60 Diesel Gallon Equivalent (DGE) fuel tank, an automatic transmission, an anti-roll stability system, and wireless mixer controls.

Engineered with both the operator and the service team in mind, the McNeilus NGEN CNG system is designed for the rugged ready-mix concrete environment. The plumbing system is built with CNC-formed high-pressure lines, compression fittings, and fewer connection points to deliver more consistent and reliable fuel flow. The lightweight, natural gas vehicle (NGV) Type 4 tanks and long-lasting fuel storage pods feature all-aluminum tank covers. The fuel control module is designed for either fast-filling or time-filling to fit customer preferences.

Photo Caption: McNeilus has sold 40 McNeilus® Bridgemaster® ready-mix trucks to Argos USA based in Houston, Texas. The trucks feature an integrated McNeilus next generation (NGEN) compressed natural gas (CNG) installation that is fully tested at the factory. Pictured here is a diesel-powered vehicle.

CNG-configured Mixers for Silvi group

Oshkosh S-Series CNG

Oshkosh S-Series front discharge ready-mix truck for Silvi Group Companies

In January this year, McNeilus sold 30 Oshkosh S-Series front discharge ready-mix trucks to Silvi Group Companies of Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania. These trucks were also fitted with next generation (NGEN) compressed natural gas (CNG) systems.

At the time, Tim Kurz, Silvi Group Companies senior vice president explained: “This is our first purchase of CNG powered mixer trucks. The price difference between CNG and diesel fuel is significant, and these trucks will provide a strong return on our investment.”

(Source: McNeilus)

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