Argentine Minister of Energy Voices Support for LNG for Heavy Transport

| Argentina: Buenos Aires

Argentina-Galileo Cryobox LNG technologyLast week, Argentina’s Minister of Energy Javier Iguacel visited the Cryobox-Trailer stations with which Galileo Technologies is liquefying gas dispersed in the Province of Mendoza. At the Cavaos oilfield, he recognized the possibilities of the new fuel and invited his country to imagine the heavy goods transportation sector embracing Liquefied Natural Gas as a fuel of choice.

Iguacel expressed on Twitter his surprise at the technology applied by Galileo Technologies to take advantage of the stranded gas through the Distributed Production of LNG.

He stated: “With this liquefied gas we are going to change the energy matrix of Argentina! Can you imagine trucks, buses and gas trains? With this technology it is possible! And at a much lower cost than diesel, and cleaner for the environment.”

He acknowledged the benefits that this new fuel would have on heavy transport by observing the new Scania LNG trucks with which Galileo Technologies will mobilize the Virtual Pipeline connecting the wells with the Anchoris Thermoelectric Power Plant.

Source: Galileo Technologies

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