APCNGI and KANGV Sign Cooperation MOU

| Indonesia and Korea

The Korean Association for Natural Gas Vehicles (KANGV) of Seoul, Korea and Asosiasi Perusahaan CNG Indonesia (APCNGI) of Jakarta, Indonesia have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that expresses interest in sharing information and cooperating on international projects related to the development of the industry in Korea and Indonesia.

The not-for-profit associations, representing industry members in their countries, will seek to ensure successful collaboration through the provision of:

  1. relevant and accurate information when requested by the other party regarding topics on CNG policy and industry status of respective country.
  2. unbiased and neutral business advice for the successful application of international cooperation among members in both countries.
  3. assistance related to quality assurance and HSE from the products or services of among members in both countries.

KANGV and APCNGI have agreed that each of the points listed above will be concluded through detailed agreements on rights and responsibilities.

The agreement was signed by Mr Young Tae Bae, Acting President of KANGV and Mr Danny Praditya, Chairman of APCNGI at an NGV Forum in Jakarta, on June 20th.

(This article compiled using information provided by APCNGI)

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