Ankai Launches LNG Luxury Coach

| China
Ankai LNG Luxury Coach

Ankai LNG Luxury Coach

Chinese bus manufacturer Ankai displayed its new Luxury LNG Coach at the 2013 China Beijing International Exhibition on Buses, Trucks & Components in May. The LNG coach, model HFF6121K40C2, is said to be 8%-10% lighter than similar products and consumes 6%-10% less fuel due to the monocoque technology design.

Different from the traditional buses, the Ankai LNG coach HFF6121K40C2 focuses on the air quality. Chief Engineer of Ankai said this model is equipped with the patented automatic air renewal system, which is able to sense the concentration of CO2 and monitor the freshness of the external air throughout the journey, often resulting in the air inside the bus being fresher than outside.

The bus is equipped with intelligent gas leak monitoring.

Ankai’s new gas buses are aimed at rapidly rising highway passenger vehicle market, especially for the short intercity passenger lines.

(Source: Ankai)

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