ANGI to Equip Alabama’s Largest CNG Station

| USA, Albertville AL

ANGI compressor installation at Dalton AL, for CynergyAlabama-based Corridor Clean Fuels (CCF) has selected ANGI Energy Systems as the packager for its planned high capacity compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station in Dothan (AL). The public CNG filling station, described as the largest in the state, is expected to open near mid-summer. It will be set up to handle high-volume Class 5-8 trucks and refuse fleets, along with a growing market of light and medium duty natural gas vehicles (NGVs)

The initial station is designed with two compressors and two (2) high flow Kraus dispensers, each capable of delivering an average of approximately 10-12 diesel gallon equivalents per minute. In addition, two light duty dispenser nozzles will be provided. Additional space will be allowed for an additional high capacity compressor and dispenser to handle future growth of the station.

Having “extremely reliable compression with redundancy built into the CNG fueling station in Dothan provides safeguards to our clients,” says Cynergy Fuels COO Randy Spence, expressing confidence that “the package provided by ANGI will provide the extremely reliable CNG fueling equipment necessary to ensure that expectations of fleet operators are met.”

CCF builds, operates and supplies a network of fueling hubs under the Cynergy brand. Home Oil Company and The Southeast Alabama Gas Districtare partners in the project.

(Source: Cynergy)

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