AMGN Implores Mexican Governments to Support Natural Gas Fuel to Reduce Air Pollution

| Mexico: Mexico City | Source: AMGN
Dirty air over Mexico City 2019

Image courtesy of CAMe

Last week in Mexico, the Environmental Commission of the Megalopolis (Comisión Ambiental de la Megalópolis – CAMe) declared in motion an extraordinary environmental contingency on May 14 due to the excessive fine particles existing in the air (PM2.5). A third of air pollution in the country is generated by the vehicle fleet, so cleaner fuels are required. The Mexican Association of Natural Gas (AMGN) is calling of governments in Mexico to promote widespread adoption of natural gas for cleaner transportation.

AMGN used the occasion of the four-day (May 14 – 18) contingency decreed by CAMe, due to the increase in ozone levels in the air, to call on the governments of the states of Mexico, Hidalgo, Morelos, Puebla, Tlaxcala and Mexico City, to work on the development of medium and long term projects that move towards efficient public transport that use sustainable, cheaper and cleaner fuels. AMGN’s message was emphasised by the terrible environmental conditions which kept people inside and restricted activities.

Despite a third of the sources of pollution being generated by the vehicle fleet, of which 70% corresponds to public transport, the federal government has yet to offer support to this new fuel sector. AMGN says it is urgent to migrate to technologies such as natural gas for vehicles, which does not produce solid particles and majorly reduces ozone emissions. Such migration will improve air quality and thus the health of Mexicans.

ENCO CNG StationNatural gas, which is also used in industry, commerce and homes, is aligned with the UN-driven Sustainable Development Goals (SGOs) for access to affordable and clean energy, sustainable cities and communities, and climate action. The AMGN calls upon government, industry and civil society to work together to deliver a transport system that responds to the need to reduce pollution and greenhouse gases that are responsible for climate change.

According to AMGN, there are 35 stations throughout the country with more planned for completion this year. Today, almost 35 thousand cars use CNG, representing 0.01 % of the vehicle fleet in the country. About 18,000 vehicles were converted to CNG in 2018.

Mexican Association of Natural Gas (AMGN)

AMGN LogoThe AMGN brings together more than 80 national and foreign companies that develop activities in the natural gas sector and offer products and services related to this industry in Mexico, representing them with the objective of promoting the strategic development of the market and encouraging investments in the entire value chain, within a framework of safety, efficiency and respect for the environment.

Beginning operations in 1988, the AMGN maintains close cooperation with government entities and regulatory bodies related to the natural gas industry in our country, as well as with other organizations -local and global- of the energy industry.

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