American Natural Gas Network Expands to 60 CNG Stations with AMP CNG Acquisition

| USA: Saratoga Springs NY | Source: American Natural Gas

ANG station with AB and Frito vehiclesAmerican Natural Gas (ANG), a specialised designer, builder and operator of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in the U.S. has acquired ampCNG, a natural gas fuel provider. This acquisition bolsters ANG’s reach by adding 20 additional natural gas fueling stations to their portfolio.

“ampCNG’s station infrastructure is complementary to our current infrastructure and future expansion plans”, says American Natural Gas CEO, Andrew West as he undergoes expansion into the southeast region of the country. The synergies of AMP CNG and ANG will significantly strengthen the opportunity to serve customers. The expansive nature of ANG’s national network coupled with exclusive focus on CNG continues to fuel a healthier and cleaner future.

American Natural Gas will maintain headquarters in Saratoga Springs, NY. They will continue to build, operate, and maintain their natural gas fueling stations with their unwavering values precedent. Simultaneously, ANG pursues ambitions of providing 100% Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) by 2020.

“Our acquisition of ampCNG complements our overall company mission, helping America by making natural gas readily available for commercial and public use in vehicles,” said ANG CEO, Andrew West. “With mounting pressure to improve air quality and our environment, this acquisition is our step towards a more sustainable future.  Heavy duty trucks are the leading cause of emissions, today’s zero emission natural gas vehicles supply paired with renewable natural gas our CNG vehicles boast a 125 percent reduction in emissions! Increasing our energy independence, substantially and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

Natural gas is the cleanest burning alternative fuel available that has the power to run heavy-duty vehicles. Additionally, natural gas is quieter, safer, less expensive, and abundant in America.

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