American Honda Drives Promotion for Honda Civic Natural Gas Sedan


Honda Civic Natural Gas

American Honda Motor Company (Honda) has appointed national environmental consulting firm Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA)  to promote the newly redesigned Honda Civic Natural Gas sedan. GNA has been successful in deploying clean, alternative fuel transportation projects across the U.S. and will now collaborate with Honda to market the Civic Natural Gas sedan in 19 states spanning the Mid-West to Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions including the District of Columbia. The project will be managed by GNA’s East Coast office, based in New York City.

GNA chief executive officer Erik Neandross stated, “GNA is extremely fortunate to have played a role in managing the deployment of a number of nationally recognized NGV projects. We are excited to work with American Honda to promote its Honda Civic Natural Gas sedan, which is the nation’s leading light-duty natural gas vehicle product.”

Newly redesigned for 2012, the Honda Civic Natural Gas sedan (previously known as the Honda Civic GX) is available in 33 states and will soon be available to consumers in five additional states by the end of the 2011 calendar year with production numbers growing in response to high consumer and fleet demand. With high gasoline prices nationwide, the Honda Civic Natural Gas offers consumers a cleaner transportation alternative that is also cost effective.

Purchase incentives currently pending under legislation HR 1380 (the NAT GAS Act) would create an even more favorable scenario for the purchase of NGVs with tax credits for vehicle and fuel purchases as well as fleet or home refueling stations.

The Civic Natural Gas is the only OEM-built, compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered passenger car assembled in the U.S. It is built on the same assembly line as the gasoline-powered Civic four-door models at Honda’s Greensburg, Indiana manufacturing facility. Claimed by Honda America to be the cleanest internal combustion engine in the world, the Civic Natural Gas is the only vehicle certified by the EPA to meet both Federal Tier 2 Bin 2 and Inherently Low Emission Vehicle (ILEV) zero evaporative emission certification standards. It has earned recognition from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) as the “greenest vehicle of 2010” for the seventh consecutive year.

As an inherently clean-burning fuel, natural gas produces 75 percent fewer smog forming pollutants (oxides of nitrogen) compared to the output of a conventional gasoline engine. Natural gas is also an abundant, domestically sourced fuel that is approximately 30 percent less expensive than gasoline when purchased at a public access CNG refueling station.

(This article compiled using information from a Gladstein, Neandross & Associates press release)

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