Altech-Eco Receives Final EPA Certification for CNG Systems for Ford E-Series

| USA, Asheville, NC

Altech-Eco Ford E-Series Dedicated CNG

Altech-Eco Corporation, a division of privately held TransEco Energy, has obtained a Certificate of Conformity (COC) from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for their Dedicated 2011 Ford E-Series 5.4L compressed natural gas (CNG) conversion system. The “Dedicated” system means that the vehicle runs entirely on 100% natural gas. The complete conversion system, with sequential fuel injection and including cylinders, is for the conversion of E-150, E-250 & E-350 Series Vans.

The manufacturer-rated CNG cylinders have a fuel storage capacity starting at of 21.2 GGE (Gas Gallon Equivalent) and an extended option of 31.6 GGE’s, with a driving range of 240 – 480 miles depending on fuel tank size.

CNG is cheaper as a fuel and has been proven to produce significantly less harmful emissions of pollutants like nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (PM), carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrocarbons (UHC), carbon monoxide (CO), and sulfur oxides (SOx) as compared to gasoline or diesel fuel.

The CNG conversion system for the 2011 Ford E-Series is available at select participating Ford dealerships and approved aftermarket conversion facilities, or by contacting Altech-Eco directly.

This item compiled using information from an Altech-Eco press release.

Press Release Source: Altech-Eco Corporation On Thursday April 28, 2011, 9:15 am EDT

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