Agility Introduces 155 DGE (+120) Behind-the-Cab CNG Fuel System

| USA, Santa Ana CA
Agility Fuels\ Systems BTC 155 CNG System

Agility Fuel Systems BTC 155 CNG System

Agility Fuel Systems, designer and producer of alternative fuel storage and delivery systems for heavy duty trucks and buses, has launched their latest product innovation: a 155 DGE Behind the Cab Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuel system. The new product delivers what Agility describes as the best packaging of any CNG system in the industry utilizing four 26″x80″ cylinders, weighing only 2,550 pounds and requiring only 31.25 inches of valuable frame rail space.

Depending on the application, this system will be able to deliver a range of approximately 600 miles (965 kms) before refueling, and establishes it as the industry’s best DGE per inch of frame rail. Besides its capacity as a stand-alone system, it can be packaged with up 120 DGE of side mounted systems to provide 275 DGE, delivering a driving range in excess of 1,100 miles.

This new system incorporates the following key features:

  • Type 4 Cylinders – plastic lined and reinforced with carbon fiber, which are up to 70% lighter than steel tanks and not subject to corrosion.
  • Integrated Fuel Management Module – both “fast” and timed fill receptacles are easily accessible in addition to an easy to read high-pressure gauge for accurate filling and fuel pressure delivery to the engine.
  • Area Pressure Relief Valve (PRO) – provides improved safety and better packaging. This new technology captures a much larger heat area than current point pressure relief valves.
  • Compact Package – fits directly behind the cab, requiring only 31.25 inches of rail space and mounts completely above the frame rail, thus allowing for side mounts to be packaged to offer more fuel onboard (max. of 275 DGE).
  • Wedge profile – allows system to fit behind fairings and maintain vehicle aerodynamics reducing drag to deliver optimal fuel efficiency
  • Ignition Disconnect Fuel Caps – Agility’s fuel caps are designed for safety above all else. If the fuel cap is not correctly replaced after fueling, the vehicle will not start, ensuring a safe fill.

Barry Engle, Agility’s CEO, stated: “We continue to innovate, with unique and proprietary products focused on enabling class 8 over the road natural gas trucking. Our 155 DGE behind the cab system comes on the heels of our recently launched Next-Generation side mount system and showcases our engineering and product development capabilities.”

(Source: Agility Fuel Systems)


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