Advanced Disposal Opens 7th CNG Station

| USA, Macon GA

Advanced Disposal truckAdvanced Disposal, an integrated environmental services company servicing 18 states across the U.S., has opened its seventh Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling station at its hauling facility in Macon, Georgia. Fifteen of the company’s trucks fill up at the station every night and more will be added as the company replaces retiring diesel trucks once their useful life has expired.

At present, approximately 12% of Advanced Disposal’s fleet of 3,100 vehicles utilises CNG. “We will increase our CNG fleet to 15 percent by the end of 2015. CNG is a cleaner fuel source than diesel, which lowers our company’s carbon footprint while reducing costs of operations. This helps us achieve our goals of being good stewards of the environment while enhancing stakeholder returns,” said Advanced Disposal CEO Richard Burke.

The Macon CNG station was a $1.6 million investment and is the only multi-truck CNG station in the metro area. About 25% of Advanced Disposal’s collection routes in the Macon area run on CNG, and customers will notice the logo on the trucks reads “powered by CNG.” A CNG truck costs between $30,000 and $40,000 more than a comparable diesel truck.

CNG is an alternative fuel used for internal combustion engines. It generates low hydrocarbon emissions and is considered a clean energy. In the U.S. alone, NGVs (Natural Gas Vehicles) offset the use of about 400 million gallons of gasoline in 2013, according to the America Natural Gas Vehicles for America.

(Source: Advanced Disposal)

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