ACT Expo 2012 Will Have Strong NGV Presence

| USA, Santa Monica CA

ACT Expo 2012 : Alternative Clean Transportation – May 15-17, Long Beach, California, USA

The 2012 ACT Expo will showcase advancements and successes now taking place in the alternative fuel transportation sector across North America. Organizers Gladstein, Neandross and Associates (GNA) have now released the agenda for the event, to be held this year at the Long Beach Convention Center over three days in May. While all alternative fuel types will be represented, natural gas in all its forms – compressed (CNG), liquefied (LNG), renewable (RNG or biomethane) – will have the largest presence.

Taking place amidst a backdrop of variable economic and geopolitical climate in the US, persistently high diesel and oil prices over $4 per gallon, an ever-changing and politically-charged regulatory environment, and with new factors driving fuel supply and demand, ACT Expo is set to attract government, commercial and private decision-makers interested in converting natural gas and alternative fuel vehicles and exploring advanced technology options to allow an alternatively-fueled future to become a reality.

Global energy company Shell joins ACT Expo this year as a platinum sponsor, following its decision in September 2011 to enter into the North American market as a supplier of LNG for heavy-duty trucking. Shell has also been actively developing new business opportunities with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to substitute LNG for diesel and propane in a number of industrial sectors such marine, on-road trucking, rail, mining and oil and gas drilling applications.

Details of the conference agenda and speaker line-up can be found on the ACT Expo website.

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