Acquisition by CNG One Source Broadens NGV Technology Scope

| USA, Erie PA

CNG One Source medium and heavy vehicle engines CNG//LNGCNG One Source Inc. of Pennsylvania has acquired Emission Solutions Inc of McKinney, Texas, a provider of natural gas vehicle technology for medium and heavy duty trucks. CNG One Source plans to bring additional benefits to market with its proprietary technology designs, which should lower the costs of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) engines and improve their performance. It will also develop a dealer network across the United States to provide for broader service of the natural gas engines.

CNG One Source anticipates working with OEM’s to provide new natural gas engines with their patented technology, and with more than eight million diesel trucks on the road today, they will also be repowering existing engines.

Natural gas is a clean burning, abundant, domestic energy, and as companies look to find sustainable solutions, natural gas can deliver. Fleet operators and consumers have a choice, and dedicated CNG/LNG engines can provide the power, performance, and reliability while reducing emissions and the cost of fuel.

(Source: CNG One Source Inc.)

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