300+ Buses to Convert to Natural Gas Fuel in Moscow Region by 2020

| Russia: Moscow
A Moscow CNG station

A Mosavtogaz CNG Station in Moscow.

Russia’s natural gas vehicle association reports more than three hundred buses in the Moscow region will be converted to compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel by the end of next year. Moscow Area Energy Minister, Leonid Neganov said all the necessary infrastructure is in place. Transport emissions are the single biggest contributor of air pollution in the city.

“There are regulations on the transfer of public transport and municipal equipment to natural gas fuel by 2020. We have about 320 buses under this program to be converted to compressed natural gas,” Neganov confirmed.

According to Neganov, today in the Moscow region there are six gas stations belonging to the Federal State Unitary Enterprise company Mosavtogaz. There are also two CNG stations operated by Gazprom, one being the claimed biggest in all of Europe.

Two new refuelling stations are under construction by wholesale fuel supplier Neftmagistral OOO, in Balashikha and on the Leningrad highway in the Zelenograd area. The Balashikha CNG station is planned to be put into operation by the end of July. This facility will be a part of a complex where conventional fuels are also offered. The second refueling station, which is on the Leningrad Highway, is planned to be put into operation before the end of the year.

Source: NGVRUS

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