Research Grant to Advance Dual-Fuel Engine Development for Clean Air Power

| United Kingdom, Leyland

Clean Air Power - dual-fuelClean Air Power Limited, developer of dual-fuel engine management software for heavy duty vehicles, has commenced a 2-year funded research project with Brunel University. Brunel has a world-class reputation in applied research and cooperation with industrial partners on internal combustion engines and their fuels. The research project is aimed at developing the next generation of advanced Dual-Fuel combustion systems using natural gas and diesel.

The research project has attracted funding from the UK Government’s Technology Strategy Board under its Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme. The KTP ensures that the research delivers tangible benefits to Clean Air Power’s advanced product development programmes.

The project is to be carried out on a modern research heavy duty engine at Brunel University’s Centre for Advanced Powertrains and Fuels.

This research project will deliver understanding of advanced diesel-gas combustion mechanisms and pioneer the next generation of Dual-Fuel technology that will meet the stringent demands of European and US emissions regulations whilst delivering a practical low-carbon pathway for heavy-duty transportation. The award of the project funding by the TSB is further evidence that the UK Government continues to identify and support low-carbon vehicle technology.

John Pettitt, Chief Executive of Clean Air Power said, “We are delighted that once again, Clean Air Power’s Dual-Fuel technology has been recognized for its strong low-carbon benefits to the transport sector and we are very excited about the contribution that this research project will make to our advanced engineering programs and to the overall understanding of this unique internal combustion engine technology”.

(Source: Clean Air Power)

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