NGV Global News is the newsletter of NGV Global (the International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles). THIS SERVICE IS TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED.

NGV Global News is the portal through which subscribers can access the achievements and plans, events and reports, highlights and challenges of the Natural Gas for Transportation industry from around the world.

NGV Global News is the industry’s premier newsletter for all natural gas for transportation stakeholders. It is read by subscribers in natural gas fuel markets worldwide.

Issued weekly, NGV Global News publishes selectively to bring readers the stories that matter – press releases direct from manufacturers, policy decisions by governments, information from industry associations and more.

Unless otherwise stated, NGV Global News is not the originator of published articles. As a portal, it uses expertise available at the time to verify events and news and endeavours to publish articles in an accurate and timely manner. Feedback is welcomed at all times.

Readers are invited to comment on stories, share them with others, use categories or search tools to filter information, or delve into the archives for that elusive article.

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