Petronas NGV Expands Malaysia CNG Refuelling Network

ImageMalaysia, Johor Bahru

Petronas NGV has signed an agreement for the establishment of a new CNG
refuelling station in the southern State of Johore and expects to have
another 11 sites operational in the country before the end of the year,
bringing the total network to 51 sites.

Speaking at the signing of the agreement, Petronas NGV CEO, Mohd.
Ghazali Daud said that most of the new stations would be established in
the Kuala Lumpur area but that he expected that another 4 or 5 stations
would be established in the Johor area in the next four to five years,
adding to the four currently in operation servicing 1500 existing
natural gas vehicles (NGVs).

Though CNG is primarily used by taxis in Malaysia, increasing interest
has been shown from other motorists, mainly due to increasing crude oil
costs. Malaysia currently has a total of 39 refuelling sites, servicing
14,000 vehicles.