Omnitek Receives Patent for Diesel/Natural Gas Dual Fuel Conversion System

USA, California

Omnitek Engineering, Corp., of California, has been granted a US patent for their proprietary diesel dual-fuel (DDF) conversion system.  The system, not yet available on the market allows for mixtures of diesel to natural gas can be up to 40% diesel and 60% NG.

Key features of the system include an expected sub $US1000 price tag and an indicator system to allow drivers to optimise their fuel use by adjusting driving style in real time. According to Omnitek CEO, Werner Funk, the use of the indicator system could reduce fuel use by between 20% and 30% while still delivering particulate matter (PM) reductions of as much as 60%.

Despite the significant PM reductions, Funk says the target market is outside of the US, Asia in particular.

As well as the US Patent, which was granted in March, the company also has International Patents Pending.

More information – Patent Abstract