International NGV-1 Fuelling Receptacle Standard Adopted

The NGV industry achieved a milestone victory on January 11th with
the approval of an amendment to UN ECE Regulation 110 for the universal
NGV fuel receptacle (200 bar/3000 psi).  The work to develop and
then standardize this small but essential piece of technology that
fosters harmonization of refueling receptacles and nozzles was started
by the Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition and its members in 1988, and was
the initial driver to bring a common fuelling receptacle to the NGV

Prior to that time the market was dominated by at least four types
of connectors with eight or nine different sizes.  The effort was
brought forth from North America to the International Standards
Organization and then offered as part of the international regulatory
framework at the United Nations in 2005.

Now adopted as a worldwide regulation under the auspices of the
United Nations, the fuelling receptacle standard will pass its final
hurdle in June 2007 at the Working Party 29, Worldwide Harmonization of
Vehicle Regulations, where it should be adopted.  As such, it will
become a legal regulation that will be required to be used by
signatories of the 1958 and 1998 United Nations treaties.  For
countries not signatories of these treaties, the UN regulation still
will serve as the main model for adoption of the universal NGV-1
fueling receptacle. 

It is now hoped that NGV-1 will
achieve wide-scale market adoption in order to pave the way for
customers to be able to refuel their NGVs wherever they drive without
the annoyance (or potential hazard) of having to use any number of
different adaptors for different connecting devices.  For more
information on this international effort, contact ENGVA’s Dr Jeffrey
Seisler [email protected]