GASTANK Sweden Produces Lightweight CNG Cylinder to ECE R110

| Sweden, Piteå and Belgium, Battice

GASTANK Sweden AB is putting HiPer-tex™ glass fibre from Belgium-based 3B to use, producing a lightweight composite cylinder that meets the stringent ECE R110 regulation governing the use of type IV high pressure cylinders containing CNG for motor vehicles.

The reduced weight of glass fibre cylinders, compared with steel cylinders, and the reduced cost, compared with carbon fibre composites, will have a “positive impact on energy consumption and CO2 emissions as CNG continues to grow as a propulsion fuel”, says Professor Kurt Berglund – President for GASTANK Sweden AB based in Piteå, Sweden.

Hugues Jacquemin, CEO of 3B added: “We are very pleased to partner with GASTANK Sweden AB to develop a CNG tank that can withstand immense impacts and has extremely long term durability thanks to the high mechanical, fatigue and corrosion resistant properties of HiPer-tex™.”