Yutong LNG Buses Highlighted in China Project Report

| China

China’s Ministry of Transport has published The 1st Supporting Project of Energy-saving and Emission Reduction in Transport and Transportation 2012, in which liquefied natural gas (LNG) buses are featured as a project highlight. For the energy-saving and emission reduction projects in Binhai of Tianjing, Baoding of Hebei province, Zhengjiang of Jiangsu province, Bengbu of Anhui province and so on, most of them adopted Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd (Yutong) LNG products.

According to the statistics, Yutong LNG city buses can cut the fuel cost by 177 yuan (approx. USD 28) per 100km compared with conventional fuel counterparts, and can cut the yearly fuel consumption cost by 137,000 yuan (USD 21,500) per vehicle.

Yutong explains that as a result of the drive for cleaner energy, the application of LNG vehicles will become more popular. The Ministry of Transport, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Public Security and other relevant departments are currently studying and working out related laws and regulations. The “fuel to gas”regulations for vehicles are expected to be launched later in 2012.

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