Xperion Delivers CNG Storage Solution to UK

| Germany, Kassel

Xperion - XpEE_0215_01a01_01_Container-GBXperion Energy & Environment, manufacturer of Type 4 high pressure cylinders based in Kassel, Germany, this week delivered a 20ft X-Store transport container for CNG and Biomethane to the UK market. This light weight container with full composite cylinders has a capacity factor two to three times larger than conventional steel transport units of this size.

“This new full composite transport container is a breakthrough on the UK market, where until now full steel trailers are used and this is the first X-Store composite trailer in use for CNG on the UK roads”, Mr. Rap, International Sales Manager at Xperion, said. “The X-Store containers that have full ADR approval¹ are available in lengths of up to 45ft with a net capacity of approx. 13,250 Nm3 of gas (approx. 10 tons of CNG) – the largest transport capacity on the market”.

Mr. John Baldwin, Managing Director of CNG Services, adds : “With this 20ft X-Store unit we have a similar capacity as a 44 ton steel CNG trailer combination, with only a fraction of the weight and significantly shorter.This gives us a great deal of flexibility to supply CNG and Biomethane to our customers. Due to the lower weight, the trucks emit significantly less CO2, in particular since we will run them using the new dedicated CNG truck.” Baldwin sees potential in the UK for significant deployment of this technology.

By the end of this year, Xperion will have delivered almost 300 units worldwide, in a variety of sizes and for different gases. The units are designed for the roughest conditions imaginable anywhere in the world, either at very high or extremely low temperatures, either as road-train or as Mobile Refuelling Unit.

(Source: Xperion)

¹ ADR: a specialist test for vehicles carrying dangerous or hazardous goods in bulk by road

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