Xiamen Sets Up Infrastructure for CNG Taxis

| China, Xiamen

Xiamen's CNG mother station

The first compressed natural gas (CNG) mother filling station in Xiamen has been put into official use in Jimei District of Xiamen, according to a report carried by whatsonxiamen, with a total of 12 CNG filling stations planned for completion by end 2011. For economical and environmental reasons natural gas will be promoted to fuel taxis in Xiamen, according to Xiamen China Resources Gas Co., Ltd (XCRG). A rough estimate shows a taxi, driving about 400 kms, will save about RMB 100 (USD 15) every day by fueling natural gas instead of diesel, the report noted.

As of Jan 21st, four CNG filling stations have been put into use, including a primary station and a standard station in Jimei District, a standard station in Huli District and a secondary station in Siming District.

XCRG commenced construction of the mother station in July 2010.

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