Xebec Natural Gas Dryers Head for Asian NGV Markets

| Canada, Montreal

Xebec Adsorption Inc., a provider of biogas upgrading, natural gas and hydrogen purification solutions for the clean energy market, has recently received first orders from three new customers valued at CDN 540,000 (USD 530,000) for its NGX line of natural gas dryers for use in compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling stations in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and Thailand. These units will be manufactured in Xebec’s Shanghai facility.

“Countries in Central Asia, including Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan have significant natural gas reserves, and governments in these countries have begun to construct CNG infrastructure to promote the use of CNG as a transportation fuel,” said Andrew Hall, Vice President of Asia Pacific Operations for Xebec.

Hall explained that gas supplies in Central Asia can have a high moisture content which needs to be dried before it can be used safely and reliably as CNG for use in natural gas vehicles (NGVs).

“We are also extremely pleased to supply dryers to PTT for use in CNG stations in the north of Thailand. Thailand is an extremely important market for CNG infrastructure, with over 400 CNG stations serving a fleet of over 260,000 natural gas vehicles. We hope to have further success in this market as Thailand has plans to construct additional CNG stations and make CNG available in rural areas not currently served by the existing natural gas grid,” said Hall.

(This article compiled using information from a Xebec Adsorption Inc. press release)

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