Wayne Moves CNG Dispenser Production to Sweden

| Sweden, Malmö

Wayne, a GE Energy Business (GE) and manufacturer of fuel dispensers and forecourt technologies, has relocated the company’s production of compressed natural gas (CNG) dispensers manufacturing operation from Talmona, Italy, to Malmö, Sweden. Following the sale of Wayne’s CNG compressor line, this move enables Wayne to focus on dispenser technology and helps Wayne capitalize on its broad-based engineering expertise, which includes its expanding line of alternative-fuel dispensers.

“Our organization’s long history in the CNG business continues as we co-locate our CNG dispenser business with our other Global Star V dispenser production line,” said Wayne EMEA President Damian Tracey. “This move helps strengthen our focus on innovation in the manufacture of CNG dispensers, and we are excited about adding this line to our Malmö operations.”

Wayne is a provider of CNG dispensers in Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East and expects the move to expand its presence worldwide. Wayne is a component of GE’s 2011 acquisition of Dresser, Inc.

(This article compiled using information from a GE press release)

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