Ghent Waste Management Fleet Adds CNG-powered Vehicles

| Belgium, Ghent
Belgium_Ivago CNG waste collection fleet

(Image: Het Nieuwsblad)

Belgium company IVAGO, a provider of waste management services to the city of Ghent, has added to its fleet ten new vehicles. All vehicles are powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). To refuel the fleet, IVAGO has commenced construction of its own CNG filling station.

IVAGO proposes to buy a further ten CNG-powered trucks before the end of 2017. By 2021, 106 IVAGO vehicles, including 55 trucks, are expected to be operating using CNG, equivalent to two out of every three vehicles in the fleet.

The utility says that currently, for its type of industry, CNG represents the most reliable and widely available alternative in the transition to cleaner fuels.

Apart from lower CO2 emissions and quieter engine noise, a CNG vehicle also significantly reduces emissions of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides, compared to a similar diesel vehicle.

New Trucks

The four new garbage trucks are Scania brand with a maximum authorized weight of 26 tons. They are used for the collection of residual waste and organic waste from wheeled bins in IVAGO’s designated C-zone.

The two commercial waste trucks are Mercedes Econic 19-tonne vehicles, used for the collection of municipal waste in the city center. Unlike for household garbage collection, commercial waste collectors often have to get in and out of the truck. Therefore, for these vehicles, an ergonomic ‘low entry’ vehicle was chosen.

The vehicles, with built-in waste collection type readers and weighing equipment, each cost more than EUR 225,000 (USD 260k). The cost excludes VAT and maintenance.

The new vans, Fiat brand, are used to deliver personnel to work sites. CNG was chosen in preference to electric vehicles because of the better operational range. They each cost about EUR 21,500 (USD 24.7k).

(Source: IVAGO)

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