Waste Management Exemplifies Energy Sustainability in U.S.

| USA, Houston TX

WM Sustainability Report Cover 2017Waste Management, Inc. (WM), based in Houston, Texas, the leading provider of comprehensive waste management and environmental services in North America, has published its 2017 Sustainability Report Update. The company reports that as at Q3 2017 it was the owner/operator of 6,142 natural gas vehicles and 104 natural gas fuelling stations. 28 of these stations are open to the public.

WM also operates 131 landfill gas-to-energy facilities.

Reduction of fleet emissions continues as a priority for WM. It set a goal to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions and improve the efficiency of its on-road fleet vehicles by 15 percent by 2020. The goal proved to be too conservative. By the end of 2016, the percentage of reduced emissions has risen to 26%. It has added more than 3,000 natural gas trucks since issuing its 2014 Sustainability Report.

Extract from the report:

“Our goals focus on measurable benefits to the environment. For 2016, we are particularly pleased to report that our recycling productivity increased slightly despite continued challenges in the commodity markets. We decreased emissions from our fleet, exceeding our 2020 goal by 73 percent. Consistent expansion of our natural gas fleet, as well as the increasing use of non-fossil Renewable Natural Gas fuel in our trucks contribute to this reduction. For the second year in a row, our greenhouse gas-reducing services saved over three times the total GHG emissions Waste Management’s operations generated all year. We also have retained our conservation focus, continuing to exceed our 2020 goal of protecting 25,000 acres as certified wildlife habitat.”

Waste Management is the largest environmental solutions provider in North America, serving more than 21 million municipal, commercial and industrial customers in the U.S. and Canada.

WM’s Leading Change: 2017 Sustainability Report Update is available here.

Source: WM

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