Waste Management Brings CNG Refuelling and CNG Fleet to Rhode Island

| USA, Rhode Island NJ | Source: NGVAmerica

US company Waste Management has opened a USD 2.8 million CNG refueling facility in Cranston, Rhode Island. The facility, which can support a fleet of 80 CNG vehicles with slow-fill pumps, is the first of its kind in New England. Following what has become a successful model, Waste Management also installed a fast-fill CNG pump adjacent to the fleet side of the facility that will be open to the public. With the opening of the station, Waste Management deployed 48 CNG waste and recycling collection vehicles.

The CNG trucks represent another $16 million investment that fulfills Waste Management’s commitment to make at least 80 percent of new vehicle purchases CNG. The collection vehicles will service Cranston, Providence, Woonsocket, and the surrounding area. Waste Management will soon add 32 more CNG vehicles to the service area.

For public access, the self-service Clean N’ Green Fuel station is open 24/7 and accepts major credit cards as well as fleet cards.

In August, Waste Management reported its natural gas fleet had grown to almost 1700 vehicles.

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