VPG Unveils Luxury Version of CNG-Optional MV-1 Taxi

| USA, Ft Lauderdale FL

VPG's luxury version of the NV-1

The Vehicle Production Group (VPG), headquartered in South Florida, has unveiled its all-new 2013 luxury LX MV-1 model at Chicago’s BusCon Expo to a crowd of more than 400 industry executives. The vehicle is offered with the option of a compressed natural gas (CNG) engine.

VPG produces the MV-1, the only wheelchair-accessible vehicle built from the ground up, in the United States.  The company hopes to expand its network to 150 dealers by the end of 2012.

“We are thrilled that the new luxury MV-1 model has received such a positive reception from the bus industry,” said VPG CEO John Walsh. “Orders for our new model are already exceeding our expectations and we have been able to build our dealer network to ensure more Americans have access to quality wheelchair accessible vehicles wherever they live.”

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