Volvo Presents New Gas-Powered Truck at NGV Berlin

| Europe

Volvo’s long-haul dual-fuel FM model on display at NGV2011Berlin.

On 7-9 June, Volvo Trucks took part in the NGV Berlin 2011 Fair, organised by NGVA Europe, in order to present the recently launched Volvo FM MethaneDiesel. The participation in this show is also part of Volvo Trucks commitment to establish “blue corridors” in Europe. These transport corridors are designed to increase the availability of natural gas on European roads to make it possible to cover longer transport distances with gas-powered trucks.

“NGVA Europe is actively driving important issues within the gas vehicle area and, through our participation in the fair and membership of this organisation, Volvo Trucks is helping to establish an infrastructure that will create transport that is both environmentally sustainable and more economical”, says Lennart Pilskog, Director Public Affairs, Volvo Trucks. “The main strength in this context is that the environment, technology and economy go hand in hand. Only then can decisive changes be made,” he added.

During the fair, Volvo Trucks presented its new dual-fuel Volvo FM MethaneDiesel, which uses methane gas as its primary fuel to power a diesel engine. The vehicle incorporates dual-fuel technology developed by Clean Air Power, a UK-based developer and provider of dual-fuel combustion technology for heavy duty diesel engines.

The technology opens up an entirely new segment for gas-powered trucks and, in combination with the use of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in heavy-duty trucks, makes it possible to use natural gas or biomethane for long-distance transport as well.

A well-developed infrastructure, with more LNG filling stations, is essential to enable gas-powered trucks to be used in long-distance transport in the first place, Volvo argues. A conference workshop called “LNG, the immediate alternative for transport” picked up this theme. Chaired by Trevor Fletcher of Hardstaff Dual-Fuel Technolgies, with panel representation from Westport Innovations Inc., Volvo Truck Corporation, FordonsGas Sverige AB, Cryostar, Vanzetti Engineering and Chart Industries Inc., the panel discussed how LNG should now be considered a real alternative fuel for medium and long distance road transport.

“The infrastructure needs to keep pace with technological developments if our products are to be used in the optimal way”, concludes Lennart Pilskog.

This article primarily compiled using information from a Volvo Trucks press release.

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