Volvo India Commences CNG City Bus Trial

| India, Delhi

Volvo 8400 CNG City Bus commences trial.

A Volvo 8400 CNG City Bus, supplied by Volvo Buses India Pvt Ltd, has commenced a trial on Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC)’s Teevra Mudrika route, part of Delhi’s ring road system. The Euro IV compliant CNG bus was built in Bangalore with the support of Volvo Sweden global product development. It has six roof-mounted cylinders, each of 135 WLC (water liter capacity), enabling a travelling range of more than 300 kms. The 6-speed auto-transmission bus is powered by a dedicated CNG inline 6-cylinder turbocharged engine.

A company spokesperson told NGV Global News, “We estimate 4-6 months is the time when we can have the passengers and the customers experience what we offer.” A successful trial, described as the first phase of an introduction process, is being considered as a replacement for phased-out DTC buses.

Volvo Bus Corporation bought out its joint venture (JV) partner Azad Group to become 100% owner of Volvo Buses India Pvt Ltd in December 2010.

This article compiled using information supplied by Volvo Buses India Pvt Ltd.

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