Volvo FH LNG the First Gas-powered Bulk Cement Transporter in Sweden

| Sweden: Skövde | Source: Cementa AB

Volvo FH LNG for Cementa Cementa AB, a developer and manufacturer of cement products in Sweden, has introduced the country’s first gas-powered bulk road transporter for cement deliveries runs on gas for reduced climate impact. The truck, a Volvo FH460 LNG, will be based at Cementa’s factory in Skövde and deliver cement to the company’s customers in Western Sweden.

“It is a future-oriented initiative that links to our high ambitions in sustainability,” says Mikael Odlöw, Deputy Sales Manager at Cementa. “We drive on gas for reduced climate impact – Cementa” is printed on the side of the new Volvo truck which is already operational.

“With Volvo’s newly developed technology, gas operation with Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is one of the most efficient and quick ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in heavy transport. Instead of being fueled with diesel, the truck’s internal combustion engine is operated with liquid vehicle gas”, says Anders Läth, traffic manager bulk at XR Logistics.

Today, typically Swedish vehicle gas consists of 50 percent biogas and 50 percent natural gas, but if access to biogas increases in the country, the renewable proportion can be even higher. Therefore, investments in gas-powered trucks are often seen as an important way to reduce the heavy transport sector’s climate impact.

Other environmental benefits of gas compared to diesel are that a gas engine emits fewer particles, less nitrogen and that they noise less.

The gas-powered truck is owned and operated by Tommy Bremans Åkeri AB in Skövde, a supplier to XR Logistik AB.

Cementa is part of HeidelbergCement Group which is steadily increasing use of alternative fuels and alternative raw materials. “Concrete has the potential to become the most sustainable building material,” says Dr. Bernd Scheifele, Chairman of the Managing Board of HeidelbergCement. “Our goal is to realise the vision of CO2-neutral concrete by 2050 at the latest.”

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