Vocational Energy Launches Portable Fuel System (PFS) at US Waste Expo

| USA, Tampa FL

Vocational Energy, a turnkey compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel solutions provider with expertise in the waste management industry, has launched a portable fuel system (PFS) that can fuel up to eight garbage trucks simultaneously and is delivered to site by a standard roll off truck. The PFS was presented at the 2012 Waste Expo, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the start of May.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is one of the fastest growing fuels to power garbage trucks in the United States, but conversions can be hampered by the lack of infrastructure in many cities. Edelbach said the PFS is a simple, quick, cost-effective method to bridge that gap.

“The PFS means that customers don’t have to wait to migrate to CNG vehicles – and also allows them the convenience of fueling at their location, rather than driving their trucks to a public station across town,” said Vocational Energy’s president, Scott Edelbach.

“We designed the PFS to be transportable by a standard commercial roll-off truck, something that most refuse fleets already have in their inventory,” Edelbach said. The PFS can also be rented as a temporary fueling solution while customers await construction of their fuelling station.

The PFS attaches to a customer’s existing natural gas service and be supplied electrical power. It is capable of fueling up to eight vehicles simultaneously. As an option it can be expanded to 20 hoses using remote fill posts.

(This article compiled using information from a Vocational Energy press release)

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