Vitkovice Upgrades Fleet with 300 Skoda Octavia CNG

| Czech Republic, Moravian Ostrava

Skoda Octavia G-Tec CNG for VitkoviceCzech engineering group Vitkovice Machinery Group (VMG) has signed a trade agreement with the carmaker Škoda Auto to acquire 300 Skoda Octavia G-TEC Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)-powered vehicles. It will release its existing CNG cars to the secondary market, thereby stimulating the overall NGV market in the Czech Republic.

“Our common goal is to support the market for CNG vehicles. For our group it has a unique effect – we are suppliers of steel cylinders and complex systems and services for CNG in transport. CNG has a significant place in our new Metal Evolution marketing strategy,” said the VNG group owner Jan Svetlik who also intimates there exists the possibility of cooperation with Skoda Auto in other markets.

Vitkovice Machinery Group has become by far the largest wholesale customer for Škoda Octavia G-TEC. “We are very pleased that the Vítkovice Machinery Group company decided in the framework of its comprehensive strategy to reorganize the CNG fleet through the Octavia G-TEC,” says Lubos Vlcek, head of sales for Škoda in the Czech Republic. “This biggest ever contract to supply the Octavia G-TEC is a further confirmation of the success of Skoda’s CNG offensive and a significant contribution to meeting Octavia G-TEC sales targets for this year,” Vlcek added.

After the acquisition is complete, Vitkovice’s fleet will consist almost entirely of vehicles powered by CNG (with the exception of individual cars belonging to a few affiliates, located in areas where it is not yet possible to drive on CNG). In addition, VMG Group’s “CNGvitall” network has 15 CNG stations and plans for a total of 33 stations (including stations established by agreement with gasoline) across most regions of the country by year-end. The aim is balanced coverage of all the major routes to nearby regional cities and border crossings – border stations are already operated on routes to Poland, Germany and Slovakia.

In the period 2016-2018 VMG will extend the CNGvitall network abroad, both in neighboring countries – Poland and the Slovak Republic, and in territories further afield. CNG refueling stations are currently located in Poland and the United Arab Emirates.

VMG’s Metal Evolution”under one roof” strategy allows clients to obtain all available refuelling technology from the Group’s various subsidiaries — from building a CNG filling station through the mobile station (Booster) to rebuilding locomotives, passenger cars and commercial vehicles to CNG specifications. The portfolio also includes vehicles for the transport of CNG and mobile gas (CNG containers) for use in areas without gas pipeline, and leasing of CNG vehicles.

(Source: Vitkovice Holding)

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