Vision Prepares NGVs for North American Market

| USA, North Myrtle Beach SC

SEER ngv, assembled in America, dedicated CNG-powered

Vision Motor Company (VMC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Noble Automotive Group, Inc., designs, assembles and markets vehicles which run on 100% low-cost clean-burning compressed natural gas (CNG). Since 2008 the company has been working to develop a new range of natural gas vehicles for the North American automotive market, and is currently awaiting certification from the US Environmental Protection Agency for its small car product – the “SEER ngv”. The car carries the equivalent of 5.4 gasoline gallons of fuel in four cylinders, enough to drive more than 240 miles (about 390 kms).

Sourcing the vehicle body (Glider) from China and adding the drive train and CNG system in the US keeps the cost low, Bob Smith (CEO of VMC) explained to NGV Global News.  The car will retail for USD 17,900 for the manual transmission and 18,900 for the automatic transmission.

“We should have DOT and EPA approvals by April with one more DOT (Department of Transport) test to perform next month. We will begin sales in Canada in June and in USA in 1st quarter of 2013. We are currently completing our required advance airbags which will take 6 to 8 months to engineer and are required for the USA market,” Smith added. The SEER ngv will meet EPA 2010 requirements.

“[The] engine runs extremely clean. We’re very pleased with the results,” said Smith. Once thought of as a wildcard in the automotive industry a few short years ago, there is now a shifting sentiment among American
consumers toward NGVs. The rising fuel prices, energy use and the environment, have created a current widespread demand for high mileage alternative fuel vehicles.

The SEER ngv warranty throughout America is a 2 year and/or 30,000 on the engine, transmission, drive train, etc.

VMC is also developing a double cab pickup truck under a HAWK brand name and a SUV under a HORIZON brand name. Both are dedicated natural gas vehicles.

(This article compiled using information supplied by Vision Motor Company)

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