Vietnam to Stimulate NGV Sector with Gazprom

| Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City

PetroVietnam and PVGazprom sign Jul2016 copyPV Gas South JSC (Petro Vietnam Gas South) and Gazprom Fuel Transportation (PVGazprom NGV) are cooperating under signed agreement signed June 21, to increase the use of natural gas by Vietnam’s transportation sector.

The focus will initially be on increased deployment of natural gas vehicles (NGVs) in Ho Chi Minh City, followed by neighbouring provinces and eventually spreading throughout the country.

PVGAZPROM NGV company was established as a joint venture (JV) in Ho Chi Minh City in October 2015 and comprises:

  • Vietnam Gas Corporation – Corporation with 29% of capital;
  • Gazprom International Projects BV – CH Russian Federation with 35.5% of capital; and
  • Engine Fuel LLC Gazprom – the Russian Federation CH 35.5% share.

According to Gazprom, the JV includes the construction and commissioning of natural gas liquefaction units, cryogenic and multi-fuel filling stations, refueling terminals for water transport; LNG delivery, storage and regasification systems; vehicle re-equipment and technical maintenance points, and other gas-engine infrastructure objects for servicing vehicles and machinery fueled by natural gas.

Ho Chi Minh City will have approximately 150 compressed natural gas (CNG) fueled buses operating by end of 2016. 2,700 buses are currently operating on 137 routes across the city; the majority of these buses are old vehicles that run on diesel fuel and produce a lot of air pollution.

(Source: Petro Vietnam Gas South)

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