Vietnam Hosts ANGVA Events

| Vietnam, Hanoi | Source: ANGVA

The Asia Pacific Natural Gas Vehicles Association has held meetings in Vietnam at the end of May, facilitating the development of natural gas vehicle industry there. Following are brief reports on the CNG-NGV Vietnam Forum 2011, 25th – 26th May and the ANGVA Green Highways 2011 Team Leader Meeting, 25th May.

CNG-NGV Vietnam Forum 2011

The CNG-NGV Vietnam Forum 2011 was the 3rd NGV Forum held in Vietnam, attended by 98 delegates (70% local and 30% overseas) and 6 exhibitors from 18 countries. Local delegates comprised of key NGV players in Vietnam such as PetroVietnam, PV Gas South, CNG Vietnam JSC, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam Register, and Vietnam Gas Association. Various papers on the development, progress and status of the CNG market and the natural gas master plan in Vietnam were presented at the Forum beside papers on overseas NGV experiences and key NGV technologies, especially on road transportation of CNG in composite cylinders.

CNG refuelling stations and vehicles have grown from 1 CNG mother station, 1 daughter station and 2 CNG buses in Ho Chi Minh City at the end of 2009. As of May 2011, PV Gas South had constructed an additional 2 daughter stations (Ho Chi Minh City and Ba Ria Vung Tau Province) and 1 mother station (Hiep Phuoc Industrial Zone). Beside the 2 CNG buses, there are now 300 natural gas vehicles (150 taxis and 150 cars belonging to PetroVietnam Group) in operation in Vietnam. By end of August 2011 it is anticipated that Saigon Bus Company will be operating 30 dedicated CNG buses and PV Gas South will facilitate conversions of 30 buses (diesel dual-fuel operation) and 200 taxis.

ANGVA Green Highways 2011 Team Leader Meeting

The ANGVA Green Highways 2011 (AGH2011) team leaders had their first meeting in Hanoi in the evening of Day 1 of the CNG-NGV Vietnam Forum 2011, chaired by the AGH2011 Committee chairman, Will Aw of Smart Energy Singapore. Team leaders and representatives from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, China, UAE, and Pakistan were present to discuss their plans and events for the AGH2011 in their respective countries. Bangladesh sent their plan to the chairman for discussion during the meeting.

It was agreed during the meeting that each teams will fine-tune their plans and starting point teams will decide on the starting dates for the respective three routes i.e. Western Route (Iran-UAE-Pakistan-India-Bangladesh-Myanmar-China); Southern Route (Indonesia – Singapore – Malaysia – Thailand – Vietnam – China); and Eastern Route (Japan – Korea – China). Teams will now be seeking participants, sponsorships and support to organize AGH2011 events and activities in their respective countries. Teams will also be liaising with neighboring teams to receive / handover the AGH2011 torch and message scroll to ensure that these reach Beijing, China in time for the ANGVA 2011 Conference and Exhibition, 18 – 20 Oct 2011.

(This article compiled using information from the ANGVA website.)

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